David A. MaCranie, Esq., who has been blogging about Florida’s Workers’ Comp law well before me, is a very respected attorney in the field and has been keeping better tabs than I on the political machinations of the Legislature’s attempts to overturn Emma Murray (see my prior posts about the subject here and here). 

In David’s blog, he reports that the Senate version of the bill–which has become Frankenstein’s monster–was approved yesterday by a unanimous vote of 39-0.  That amended version of the House bill brought back bad faith claims, raised the statutory fee percentages, removed JCC approval for Claimant paid fees, but gave an exception to first responders.  

Naturally, the sponsor of the House bill refused the Senate’s version, therefore rejecting.  Considering the official legislative session ends today, there is no way the House and Senate will have time to reconcile the differences between the two bills,  effectively terminating their efforts. 

Hopefully now, the two sides can actually be patient and see how Emma Murray plays out in the lower courts before jumping to conclusions about the case’s effect on the Workers’ Compensation system.

P.S.: I’ve also added David’s siteto my blog roll on the left side of the page.  I encourage you to take a look.