Let Admiral Ackbar be a harbinger of what can happen with your PTD claims.  We are less than two months from the new year where many Carriers increase PTD supplemental benefits by the statutorily required 3%.  Many of you will look at your Claimant’s birthdate, and will dance with glee upon seeing that their 62nd birthday is coming up, for this means all future supplemental benefits payments will cease.

But, take heed!  Admiral Ackbar warns you of the trap! 

(More histrionics after the jump.)

When you do cut off supplemental benefits at age 62, remember to also stop (if applicable) taking the Social Secutity offset.  This is mandated in s. 440.15(9)(a).  I’ve seen this recently and the trap metaphor is a perfect description of what happened.  In one case, after the Carrier stopped supps, it continued to take the offset for almost 5 years!  This resulted in past due benefits of over $45,000!  That amount did not include penalties and interest.

For many of these PTD claims, Claimant’s 62nd birthday (and the 70th) is an important date.  The Carrier saves money by not paying supplemental benefits, but it also has to pay more money by losing the right to an offset.  Just beware of both changes and you will avoid the wrath of the evil Empire.