May 2011

Last month, I wrote about the NFL’s push to get the Florida legislature to pass a reciprocity bill to lock down professional athlestes into the Florida W/C system. 

Sorry for missing this, but it looks like SB 1286 passed, after morphing into House bill HB 723, which you can read here.

Feel free to review my analysis of this new statute here.  The next step is either Governor Rick Scott vetoing the bill, signing the bill, or doing nothing.  The last two decisions result in the bill becoming law.  

What the state’s professional football teams will do is still not official yet, but once I get analysis on the effect of the law (if signed) on the average workforce I will report.

One key in defending workers’ comp claims is to properly assess your medical evidence.  Without it, you have little chance for success. 

So, it is paramount for claims professionals to understand what an “expert” can testify to and what will be accepted by at Judge.   Because. if they are not a medical expert, the testimony is practically worthless. (more…)