July 2011

It ended with a whimper rather than a roar. 

On Wednesday, the Florida Supreme Court, with zero fanfare, denied jurisdiction for the Kauffman appeal.  You can review the online docket here.  Just enter the case number as “SC11-661”.  This officially ends the appeal process for Kauffman.

You can read my analysis of the First DCA’s decision here and my prior analysis here.   I do not believe the Claimant’s bar was ever prepared to show the Court why a Claimant cannot find representation under the current statute.  The constitutional arguments still did not hold water. (more…)

I’ve written extensively on TPD, ever since the Toscano decision.  You can read some of my earlier posts here and here.

But, now with the help of Black Bear Insurance Agency, and FloridaWC.com, I have an actual live discussion about TPD for you.

Once again, FloridaWC.com is a great resource for employers.  For those employers seeking information about WC law and insurance you can check their website here.