Diagnostic Tests

Last February, I wrote about the common misplaced notion that a request for a diagnostic test by an authorized doctor must accompany proof that the test is for a compensable body part.  There is a slew of case law that says otherwise (see Chance v. Polk County Schools). 

But, what if the E/C has an Independent Medical Examination (IME) to counter the recommendation of an authorized doctor? (more…)

Its fair to say that this is well established point of law in Workers’ Compensation, therefore the fact pattern should not one that is heavily litigated.  However, whenever a new adjuster  looks at the situation, the response is disbelief.

I am referring to the recommendation of a diagnostic test (an MRI, X-Ray, Cat Scan, etc.) by an authorized doctor for a body part, injury, or condition that does not seem related to the compensable accident.  A lot of times I will get a call from an adjuster asking me if they should authorize a diagnostic test that is recommended by an authorized treater for a body part that Claimant did not report as an injury.   Many of those adjusters are surprised when I tell them they have to authorize it.  

And, I don’t blame them for that reaction. (more…)