I was a guest speaker at a recent seminar and the question of misrepresenation came up.  Namely, how does an Employer protect itself from misrepresentation and establish such a defense? Another concern is how to negotiate federal employment law, namely the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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For those employers checking out the site, I am trying to catch up in posting these for you.  So, lets call this the video of the day feature (even though I posted a video once already today!)

Black Bear Insurance Agency and FloridaWC.com were nice enough to invite me to discuss a range of Florida W/C topics.  Here is our latest incarnation: my take on the misrepresntation defense and how to properly document your employee files. 

Once again, FloridaWC.com is a great resource for employers.  For those employers seeking information about WC law and insurance you can check their website here.