During the Workers’ Compensation Forum last week–which can easily be described as a successful event–many of us learned of the recent developments of Senate Bill 2072.   Per a recent post, I discussed how the Florida Legislature is tackling the Emma Murray decision head on, attempting to enact legislation to overturn the Supreme Court decision that reinstated hourly fees for Claimant attorneys.

The House version, HB 903, sailed through committees and ultimately passed on March 31.  The identical Senate version, however, has met significant stiffer resistance.  Now, SB 2072, is amended to the point where the two versions look nothing alike and, in my opinion, is weighed down with too many controversial “compromises” that I cannot foresee how either side will agree to.

Let’s look at the controversial amendments. . . (more…)

I will never qualify myself as any politico, so take this news for what it is, not what it could be.

The Florida House of Representatives passed through committee a new bill that would remove the word “reasonable” from the section 440.34(3).  This is an obvious attempt to overturn the Emma Murray v. Mariner Health decision, which the Florida Supreme Court statutorily interpreted the use of the word “reasonable” to mean that that a Judge of Compensation Claims can award an hourly fee above the guideline.  (See my post on the decision here.) (more…)