One key in defending workers’ comp claims is to properly assess your medical evidence.  Without it, you have little chance for success. 

So, it is paramount for claims professionals to understand what an “expert” can testify to and what will be accepted by at Judge.   Because. if they are not a medical expert, the testimony is practically worthless. (more…)

For many W/C claims, the hard part is differentiating where the physical injury ends and where the psychiatric injury begins.  Often, the pain associated with a severe work place injury will lead to certain psychiatric impairments: anxiety, depression, paranoia.  However, there are statutory limits to the exposure E/C’s have in claims with mental and nervous injuries.

In a seminal case, the First DCA sifted through the mental and nervous injury statute to decipher what happens when a Claimant suffers a psychiatric injury simultaneously with her physical injury. (more…)