A collegue recently brought this issue to my attention and I thought it would be a learning opportunity to discuss an E/C’s right to offset temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits with Claimant’s entitlement to unemployment compensation (UC) benefits.

Once again, it is important for E/C’s to send a DWC-30 form to Claimant’s to get authorization for UC information.  Without this information, an E/C is not entitled to take an offset against future TPD benefits.  

So, send the form!  Send the form!  Send the. . . Uh, you get the idea. . . (more…)

Let Admiral Ackbar be a harbinger of what can happen with your PTD claims.  We are less than two months from the new year where many Carriers increase PTD supplemental benefits by the statutorily required 3%.  Many of you will look at your Claimant’s birthdate, and will dance with glee upon seeing that their 62nd birthday is coming up, for this means all future supplemental benefits payments will cease.

But, take heed!  Admiral Ackbar warns you of the trap! 

(More histrionics after the jump.) (more…)

As 2009 rapidly speeds by, the annual Florida Bar W/C Forum is only a month away, April 16-17.  For adjusters, risk managers, and human resource directors, this an excellent event that is not limited to just attorney attendance.    It is also hosted by WCCP, the Workers’ Compensation Claims Professionals organization.

The sessions are given by some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.  Donald Bennett, a partner in my firm who has been practicing Workers’ Comp for over 20 years, is giving the lecture on social security and unemployment compensation offsets, as well as PTD supps.  All three are complicated subjects, but Don is the man at breaking them down and providing simplified solutions.  I encourage you to sit on this session.  Understanding offsets can save you a lot of time and money when handling a claim.

You can find the Forum itinerary as well as hotel and seminar registration information here.

I will be there and I look forward to meeting my readership.